Day 11 of our 30 Day Practice to Quiet the Voice of Fear and Own Our Power!

Updated: Mar 27

Hello friends! We created a 30 day practice packed full of great tips for staying sane during these crazy times. Please read and share.

What is the main message?

Trust your intuition deeply.

Prioritize taking more time to get to know it even more deeply. Have fun with the process and play with The Universe!

Raise your level of self care.

There is a much higher level of fear all around us than usual. Which means we have to PRIORITIZE investing more time into our self love and self care practices if we want to (at a bare minimum) maintain our normal state of clarity. TREAT YO'SELF.

Forgiveness of self.

This is a troubling time where we are more likely to show up in a way that is not aligned with our best selves. Some of us may even be triggered, and showing aspects of ourselves, we thought were a thing of the past.

There's an opportunity here.

Times like these provide tremendous value, because they are providing us with the opportunity to have a catalyst into deeper self awareness and healing. Similar to what people who have car accidents, or rock bottom moments experience.

We can capitalize this time to make the conscious decision to work through these troubling aspects of ourselves being shown.

1. Admit what it is happening.

2. Accept that this is a reflection of an unhealed part of you being given the opportunity to heal more completely . It is not a reflection of who you are as a WHOLE.

3. Sit with what's being shown in a curious and non-judgmental way. Ask your inner guidance to show you how far you have already come in this area, and to show you where you can be guided to further self awareness / healing.

4. Cultivate a sense of peace around this practice, so that you can calm any fears / dis-empowered thoughts that will most definitely continuously arise.

5. Extend that peace to others so that we can all begin to feel a little more peace during this time!


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