Creative Rituals for bringing in 2020 with a sense of purpose!

You have more control over bringing in 2020 with a bang than you think. Here's how:

Join us Sunday, December 29th as we share with you how you can use creative rituals to start off the new year with purpose, abundance and power!


FB Live - Event info:

What we will be covering:

• Practices to identify what you want to leave behind in 2019 and call into 2020.

• Creative Rituals - Processes to consciously

° Create a vision for 2020

° Prepare your energetic space to align with that vision.

° Release that which is no longer serving you on your journey and your connection to it.

What you will need:

A shell or fire safe container for burning

• A feather or fan to direct smoke

• Palo Santo

• Sage

• Incense if Sage/Palo Danto is unavailable

• Something to write with/on

Watch this video for ideas on where to find the ingredients:

We look forward to seeing you there!